Rev. 3:8
“I know all that you’ve done. Now I have set before you a wide-open door that none can shut.
For I know that you possess only a little power, yet you’ve kept my word and haven’t denied
my name.”

There comes a time in the life of an individual or a group of people that God just look down
on them and decide, I will help you, not so much for what they did or did not do, but, because
He remembered His promise (Ex.6:5),out of His magnanimity (Rom. 9:15-16), or he saw their
affliction and heard their cry (Ex.3:7) or it is that time of their visitation may just have
come(Gen. 18:1-10), whatever the case may be, when God makes a declaration, He has the
intention and capacity to fulfil it.

By emphasising wide open door, it suggests that it is quite possible to have doors opened in
different sizes and dimension, for example a door may be opened just enough for exchange of
air, or for the collection of an envelope, maybe wide enough to allow a little child in, or in
some cases just to allow a person peep into an apartment, it could be opened in such a way
that an adult will have to squeeze themselves in, which can be injurious. Therefore wide open
door connotes a few things such as unhindered access to the presence of God, where there is
the fullness of Joy and everlasting pleasures (Ps. 16:11), mountains move (Ps.68:6), hills melts
away(Ps.97:5) , Invitation to come into the fullness of God’s kingdom Joy, Righteousness and
power to live victorious life over Satan and sin, it means access to the opportunity to witness
Christ’s power and grace to others because the souls of those around you have been given to
you to lead onto salvation9 (1Cor.16:9), a call to a new walk with the Lord (Rev.4:1).
The Lord is opening the door wide for as many that will acknowledge that they have little
power and have limitations who will completely depend on Him – the El Shaddai, the
Almighty, to Whom nothing is impossible. To those who have kept His Word and have
answered His call in Matt.11:28-29, and have diligently observed to do the instruction in
Matt.3:3, the people who have not denied His name clearly and openly identified with Him

(Luke 12:8; Matt.10:32).
Are you one of those listed? Welcome to the “Month of wide open doors”

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