The Light Affliction

“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more
exceeding and eternal weight of glory;”
Many of us children of God, because of our open confession and proclamation of
the gospel of Jesus Christ suffered or are suffering one form of affliction or the
other, whereas some of these afflictions are subtle, for example being denied
opportunities, restlessness in the family, being an outcast amongst friends and
relatives including becoming a subject of scorn, little talk and laughter. On the other
hand, some of the afflictions are as evident as can be, like open and aggressive
confrontation, condemnation by the powers that be, suppression of rights and
intimidation etc, these things are commonplace in our present world, we cannot
however be deterred by them, more so that our Lord had already given us heads up
Rev. 2:10
“Do not yield to fear in the face of the suffering to come but be aware of this: the
devil is about to have some of you thrown into prison to test your faith. For ten days
you will have distress but remain faithful to the day you die, and I will give you the
victor’s crown of life.”
I belong to the school of thought that believes that nothing good comes easy, more
so, to be a winner, one must strive for mastery, getting to the top requires a
climbing, and climbing is not for the faint hearted. The plan of Satan is to scare us
away from lighting up our spheres of influence, (our catchment area), he knows that
if we are able to achieve that, his lies will be revealed and his kingdom will crumble,
therefore he deploys all his arsenal against the Christian, including using brethren
in the faith
3John 1:9-10
“I wrote a letter to the church, but Diotrephes will not listen to what we say. He
always wants to be the leader. When I come, I will talk with him about what he is
doing. He lies and says evil things about us, but that is not all. He refuses to
welcome and help the believers who travel there. And he will not let others help
them. If they do, he stops them from meeting with the church anymore.”
Regardless of these oppositions, threats and intimidations however, we must not
cease to shine our light so as to dispel the darkness that has engulfed the spiritual
eyes of the people, nor can we afford to lose our savour as salt wherein we no
longer put an end to known and perceived decadence around us. We must
continue to stand for and in the Truth, having the understanding that our light,
momentary affliction (this slight distress of the passing hour) is ever more and more
abundantly preparing and producing and achieving for us an everlasting weight of
glory [beyond all measure, excessively surpassing all comparisons and all
calculations, a vast and transcendent glory and blessedness never to cease!].
Stand fast, stand firm, knowing that we have not been left neither can we be left
without help, the Helper is with you always, the battle is long and fierce but for as
many that will stay the course, there can only be one outcome, the crown of glory

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