The Hand of the Diligent

The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: But the slothful shall be under tribute.
The above verse of scripture affirms the time held truth that hard work is profitable
regardless of the sphere of human endeavor. It would therefore seem to invite all to
be committed to any task assigned to them because it is in doing so that reward will
be given.
Talking about diligence, Jesus told the story of the talent where three servants were
given tasks in accordance to their ability and capacity, while two went to work with
zeal and commitment , the third decided to do to sleep due to his laziness,
callousness and carelessness. At the season of report rendering, while the first two
had profit to report, the lazy one only had loss to report. The first two diligent workers
were rewarded handsomely, but the lazy one was punished(being the only worthy
reward he qualified for), this is an interesting story because while it seem to speak to
the contemporary human relationship, it is actually aimed at giving us an idea of what
will happen in Heaven at the great white throne judgement.
How diligent are you in your walk with the Lord and the assignment you were given,
viz be with Him and be sent by Him (Mk.3:14)? How is your standing with Him, how
closely are you being with Him? He called you to be with Him in the first instance, the
most important element of your salvation is to be with Him; studying and learning
from Him at His feet and to be like Him so that the plans He has for you may come to
pass: preaching in His name, healing in His name, doing signs and wonders including
miracles in His is good, however, it is secondary, you were called to be with Him.
Second to that is for you to be at His beck and call, ready to go on any assignment
He deems fit for Him; winning souls, preaching and doing signs and wonders etc.
Although God may call and give a man an assignment, however the attainment of the
purpose is dependent on the called level of preparedness and commitment including
the level of diligence. While the hard worker will go all the way to ensuring the task is
completed ( like Gideon and Nehemiah), the slothful will rest on their oars counting
their assumed successes (like Joshua), while there is yet more land to conquer.
The diligent will not cease being with the Lord and at the same time giving his
assignment all the attention and commitment necessary, only the diligent will make
God proud.
Are you diligent in your call and assignment?

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