The easy or the Right?

Enter through the narrow gate because the wide gate and broad path is the way that leads to
destruction—nearly everyone chooses that crowded road! The narrow gate and the difficult way leads
to eternal life—so few even find it!”
Every individual at one point or the other needs to make decision, these decisions in many cases are
such that will forever define them, or determine their eternal location. We decide who our friend are,
what career path we want to pursue, who to be married to and so on. Decision making id quite harder
than it seems, if anything, it is trading in darkness, because we can only speculate what the outcomes
will be.
When Adam was faced with a decision whether to take the forbidden fruit from his wife or not, two
decisions faced him, ie either to make the easy decision or the right decision, he chose the easy
decision. Apostle Paul said if faced with decision of whether to eat meat sacrificed to idol when in
company of those whose faith is not yet strong, he will defer, he would rather deny himself than
indulge himself.
Many people have lost the respect, integrity, even love of their spouses because at one time or the
other they took an easy decision when they found themselves in dire situation. The truth is whenever a
person takes an easy decision it is because they want to avoid presumed hurt for lack of understanding
that there is no free lunch anywhere, at best they will have an easy passage now, only to have a
difficult life down the road.
Jesus said, the taking the broad way, is doing as everybody else does, seeking the approval of the
world, speaking their language, dressing like the world etc is the easy way after all, you will not be
castigated or even ostracised, it is the wide road whose the end lead to destructions. On the other
hand, doing the right thing is hard, unpopular and seemingly an uncooperative stand, the very narrow
road that only a few finds, yet the Lord says it is the good way that leads to life in eternal bliss.
Beloved, prior to taking any decision, regardless of your circumstances, be sure to run it through the
test easy of right. Do not ever be deceived by the “harmless” nature of doing it the easy way, it always
ends in tears, make sure to do the right thing always. It is possible (Phil. 4:13

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