Dig Trenches

2Kgs. 3:16-17
And he said, “This is what the Lord says: ‘Dig ditches all over this dry stream bed. Even though you will not see any rain or wind, this stream bed will be filled with water, and you, your livestock, and your pack animals will have plenty to drink.

3 kings went to battle but they had no water to drink, in their desperation they sought spiritual counsel, and the prophecy came that God will send water but they must have where to receive it. Preparation precede manifestation, Jesus gave an example when in Lk 14:28 said it is important to consider that what you have is sufficient to conclude the building of your choice? In a nutshell, He asked the question would you not prepare and expect to manifest? We, as children of God knows what He says about us in Jer.29:1, however, there are responsibilities that He will not take over from us. For example, it is only an irresponsible parent that will write examination for his child, In the same token, God has placed some things in the realm of you and I to do that He will not do for us.

In 2king 4:1-6, as long as there was an empty vessel to fill, the oil kept running…..Our God is more than enough to supply all of our needs regardless of how huge or varied they may be.

To dig trenches therefore refers to positioning yourself for the outpouring of
the blessings…..

  • For one person…. It may mean improving yourself
  • For another, it may mean proper self-care and being friendly
    and approachable
  • Improving your communication § skill and mannerism
  • Improving your work ethics
  • Improving your financial discipline
  • Just being alert to your surroundings
  • Improving relationships.
  • Learning the art of humility.
  • Hard work…. The lazy man will never receive anything from God.
  • Simply being sincere and straight forward with people.
  • Prayers….. Hab.2:1….

”I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guardpost.
There I will wait to see what the Lord says and how he will
answer my complaint.“

  • The most important ditch you must dig….. Is to receive Jesus
    as your Lord and Saviour and ensure that the relationship
    between you is very cordial.

Don’t be deceived with prophesies and declarations being made everywhere,
failure to dig the ditches listed above, will cause a fellow to miss their
season of Divine visitation.
Start digging trenches from now to get to your Divine place of glory.

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