Cramping In

2Kings 6:1
The company of the prophets said to Elisha, “Look, the place where we meet with you is too
small for us.
Change is only constant thing in life, in fact the lack of change is an indication of death, everything
in life changes, whether it the season, weather, stature and even trees, that is the design of God,
and that God changes not is one of His unique characteristics. There is no alternative to change!
The sons of the prophet decided that their meeting place was too small for them, therefore they
wanted to build something better and bigger. The story underlines the fact that change must of
necessity be initiated by the beneficiaries. The advantages of change management is a lot, for
example change allows a breath of fresh air into the lives of the people, it is curious to note that
these set of sons of prophet had been comfortable in the same small space when Elijah was with
them, but immediately Elisha come to them they desired a bigger space: why? They suddenly
understood that with God, the amount of room you allow Him He will fill.
As wonderful as change is people resists it in every sphere of human endeavour, not because they
don’t like the idea of it, but more for the fact that they are afraid of what will be the cost to
themselves, others resists it because they are already comfortable in the tiny space, one then
wonders, why will anyone want to be a big fish in a little pond, when they can be a big fish in the big
ocean? Also, change is resisted because some cannot just think outside the box, having been
fixated so much on the small space than see the massive opportunities available in expanding.
Individuals embrace change because they are no more comfortable with the status quo, or because
they suddenly realised that opportunities abound round about them and their tapping into it will be
beneficial to them going forward, that was the mindset of the sons of prophet that came to Elisha.
Beloved, this message is not about those sons of prophet, but you. Why do you still squeeze
yourself in the little space when you can be in a big place for God. Why are you content with being a
receiver that a giver, why do you feel satisfied only attending Churches to warm the benches rather
than rolling up your sleeves and being busy for God, why are you pleased with others giving you
handouts, when you can be the biggest giver. Why are you not seeking to change the narrative, Job
even though had lost everything was definite about his coming change(Job 14:14).
Whatever your level in life today, never be satisfied, seek out a change for the better and bigger still,
because you surely can occupy more space for God. Of all changes though, is to get better for the
Lord and in His assignment for your life, that you are healing the sick now, is an indication that you
can raise the dead, that you win a soul today means you can will a whole city to Christ.
Change starts when you are not satisfied with the level you are operating at, there is more to you
than you are presently. It is time to spread your wings, the whole universe is yours to navigate, get
away from cramping yourself in, stop listening to the Devil’s whispering that you cannot amount to
anything better .
“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you”

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